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General Maintenance Worker

About Fort Steele Heritage Town
Fort Steele is a living history museum located in the beautiful East Kootenays. Established as a park in 1961 the town is managed by the Friends of Fort Steele society who manage the Town on behalf of the Province of British Columbia. Their mandate is to preserve, present, and manage for the public benefit the historic settlement of Fort Steele.

Position Summary
Maintenance personnel are imperative to the sustainability of Fort Steele Heritage Town. This position is extensive and covers a wide range of duties, from general day-to-day care of the site (garbage collection, light bulb replacement, grounds work, etc.), to larger-scale projects that may involve working with contractors. Flexibility in the expectations of the job is necessary as working conditions will fluctuate based on the season, and workloads will constantly vary.


Reports to:
This role reports to the Maintenance Manager or the Assistant General Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Complete projects assigned by supervisor considering priorities of safety and preservation of heritage artefacts and/or buildings.
• Complete day to day site maintenance as required for the season (garbage/recycling collection, snow removal, road maintenance, grass care, irrigation, etc.)
• Assist with special event preparations, setup and takedown as required.
• Respond appropriately to department heads requests for assistance without workorders as time allows.
• Be prepared/aware that emergency situations can/will occur, during these times it is imperative that a maintenance person is available or makes themselves available to ensure that the site can operate as efficiently as possible and damages to heritage artefacts/buildings are reduced or eliminated.
• Monitor site equipment and tool use, safety is a priority and all tools that are needed by departments should be fully functioning and available when needed.
• If your skillset might be required in another department, you could be called to assist there.
• Maintain a clean and organized workspace, work yard and ensure that on rounds of the site that anything unusual is investigated and reported to necessary departments as required.
• Be courteous, helpful and respectful of volunteers, staff and visitors in all interactions.

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessary.

A professional who is capable of working around a wide variety of individuals, volunteers, coworkers, management, and visitors in a respectful, kind, and courteous manner.

Knowledge of heritage construction is an asset. Knowledge of general carpentry, mechanics, plumbing, or electrical work is considered an asset. Experience in working at a heritage site or not-for-profit organization is also an asset.

Working Conditions:
Maintenance jobs at Fort Steele are exposed to a wide range of environments based on what is required at a specific time of year. Working outdoors in the summer and winter can provide less than accommodating environments at times, and jobs should be prioritized based on the seasons. Of course, some environmental situations will occur, such as snow plowing and walkway maintenance in the winter or fire prevention in the spring/summer.

Some jobs will be more difficult than others, and the safety of the employee will always be a high concern. Intensive jobs will be expected to be assessed for the most efficient and safe way to be completed. Weekend work, overtime shifts, or call-ins may be required from time to time.

Maintenance staff may be required to be in uniform or Victorian costume.

Performance Review
All positions at Fort Steele Heritage Town are subject to a probationary period and regular performance review.

Physical Requirements

Strength Guidelines
Should be capable and physically fit to lift 27+kg (60+ lbs), recognizing that safety equipment should be used when necessary.

Motion Parameters
Employees should have a clean drivers abstract, be capable of standing for long periods of time, using stairs, walking fair distances (2+ km), kneeling etc.


Vision and Hearing Requirements
Employees should have their hearing and vision tested annually, eye, ear and lung protection are available and should be used for each job as required.

Psychological Demands
The employee is expected to make quick decisions, work collaboratively with other departments and employees, problem solve, read or write, may be asked to speak publicly, or interpret data.

The position will be open until October 17, 2023.

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