The Pandemic year shook things up for the majority of the world, but at Fort Steele we are attempting to find some level of normalcy amongst the madness! 

While your 2021 visit will not be quite as you remembered a few years ago, we are once again open to the public to visit the site. 

Please note that the following are not open

- Wagon RiDES

- Bakery and Restaurant

- Train rides

- gold panning

- theatre

What will i be able to do?

The gates of Fort Steele Heritage Town were opened once again to the public on June 15th 2021. We have made the difficult decision to keep our opening small and manageable, unfortunately this means a few of our key components will not be available just yet. 

A visit to the site will include access to the town site, 23 Historic buildings/ structures are open as they usually are for guests to get closer to the artifacts and treasures within.  The remaining buildings are window viewing only. There are plenty of animals to visit, and a few that really miss and love the public attention! Games are set up in the Gazebo area, and the gold panning area is set up for a "guide your own fun" where kids (or you) can try your hand at finding some gold from the Wildhorse creek (or a few brightly colored gold rocks for the kids ;) )

What does it cost?

We have kept our admission low to accommodate the lack of programming we have available at this time. 

Adults : $7.00

Children : $5.00

Kids 2 and under are free

Season's pass holders that didn't get to use their pass in the past two years can still come and visit with their current pass. 

What are the hours?



We get many people who want to come after hours, we do request that you come back during visiting hours.