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There are so many different ways to experience Fort Steele Heritage Town. Depending on how much time you have, you can explore on your own, taking a day or two to fully explore it all, or just take a quick stroll around the park.

We have 98 incredible structures that have been preserved, maintained or renovated to their original splendor! 


EDUCATIONAL programming

Educational Programming makes exploring the Heritage Site both interesting and exciting for students and groups!

From Mountie life to the School house program, there is something educational and fun for groups of all ages. 

Fill out the Contact Info form below for a full brochure of available programming and bookings.


- Visit with our beautiful Clydesdales, friendly Donkeys and a variety of Heritage breed chickens, ducks, Turkeys and black pigs. Please avoid feeding the animals and make sure to stay on the human side of the fences. 


During a normal season, we have a whole lot to keep you and your family entertained! 

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EDUCATIONAL programming

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