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gold panning contest
rules & regulations



Pans will be provided by Fort Steele for "Expose the 4 Pieces" and "Expose the Nugget" contests.


"Expose the 4 pieces" and "Expose the Nugget" are two separate contests. They are timed events. Either 4 pieces or the single nugget will be placed in the contestants pan and covered with pre-classified 

& measured gravels. Upon the judges signal the timer starts and the contestant must expose the gold in the pan so the judge can visually see 4 pieces or the single nugget depending on which contest the contestant enters. Once the gold is exposed, the contestant shall call out "GOLD!". The timing device will stop and the contestant's time shall be recorded. The 5 fastest times for each event will be posted. The events will run at the same time in two sessions:


10am till noon, then resume 1pm till 3 pm.


Contestants can try to better their time for a cost of 5 dollars for each attempt. 


Penalties: 1 minute will be added to a contestant's time for each lost or non exposed piece in "Expose the 4 Pieces". Contestant will be Disqualified, "NO TIME" recorded if they loose the nugget or fail to expose the nugget in "Expose the Nugget" contest.


Contestants who post the fastest time in either contest will KEEP the gold! 




Contestants shall preregister at the gold shack before 12pm on day of contests. Contestant will draw a number after paying and signing up. At 12:10pm, contestants will line up in numerical order according to the number which they drew. Contestants can use ANY pan they want in this contest. When judge starts the contest, the first contestant will run to the tub, take ONE scoop of pay dirt from the tub, then proceed to nearest open spot in any trough to wash their dirt. When first contestant moves away from the tub, the second contestant can run to tub and take their scoop and go to empty trough to wash it. This process continues numerically until TUB is empty. There will be 3 small nuggets in the tub, as well as flakes and other fine gold, so... PAN FAST, because you can rejoin the back of the line as many times as you can until tub is empty.


Judges will have final say in all contests.


All paying contestants will receive ONE bag of complimentary pay dirt containing Moyie River gold. LIMIT: One bag per person for the day.


PRIZES: Top 3 times in Expose the gold contests shall receive prizes!

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